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The History Channel Civil War: Secret Missions

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     The History Channel Civil War Secret Missions

    In Civil War: Secret Missions, history buffs and first person action fans will get the chance to assume the role of Union and Confederate soldiers fighting behind enemy lines in famous Civil War battles. The player's goal is to disrupt the armies of both the North and South by any means necessary, including stopping enemy supply lines, stealing ironclad ships and sabotaging enemy strongholds. Engage in some of the Civil War's most famous battles, such as The Great Train Raid of 1861 and The Fall of Vicksburg as you utilize classic weapons of the era, including the pepperbox revolver and the coffee mill gun. All missions are based on the actions of famous partisans, scouts and rangers – fight as a member of Mosby's Rangers, Sheridan's Scouts and Grant's Secret Service and receive your mission commands from famous generals like Robert E. Lee, "Stonewall" Jackson, and Ulysses Grant.

    Special Features
  • Secret Missions, where players will conduct train raids, steal ironclad ships, disrupt enemy supply lines, destroy enemy artillery and more
  • Fight as a member of Mosby's Rangers, Sheridan’s Scouts and Grant’s Secret Service and do whatever it takes to give your side the advantage
  • Players will receive their mission commands from famous generals including Robert E. Lee, "Stonewall" Jackson and Ulysses Grant
  • Fight on the land and at sea, engaging in fierce naval warfare aboard ironclad ships
  • Duck behind destructible cover points which will require players to change combat tactics

    System Requirements:
    Win 2000/XP/Vista • Pentium 1GHz • 256MB RAM • 1.3GB HD • 3D
    Video Card 64MB RAM •  DVD-Rom.



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