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Artisan GILA SideLight Window Film 12" x 78"

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    Product Details Simulates Stained Glass Enhances Home Decor & Improves Privacey Trims To Fit Small Sidelights - Blocks Unwanted Views Installs Easily With Common Household Items Measure 12" Wide x 78" Long Product Description Window film creates the look of ornate stained glass with ease. Can be trimmed, or combined to fit any sized window. The image is a repeating pattern both left to right and top to bottom. It can be used either vertically or horizontally. Window film provides UV protection, and is unaffected by heat, cold, steam or humidity. It applies in minutes, uses no adhesives and can be easily removed without leaving any residue. The translucent image is visible from both sides of the window, providing style and privacy simultaneously. Recommended for use in any window and provides a striking and effortless design element to shower doors and specialty windows like sidelights, arches and transoms. • Repeating pattern simply add panels to the top, bottom, left or right • 1 unit • Clean with standard Window Cleaner • Provides U.V. protection • Ideal for specialty windows: sidelights, transoms, arches • Unaffected by heat, cold, steam and humidity

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