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Space Rangers 2 Reboot Rise of Dominators Game VistaXP7

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    Space Rangers 2: Reboot

    Expansion Pack of multi-award winner including PC Gamer Editor’s Choice and 2006 Turn-Based Strategy Game of the Year! Return to the galactic war against the Dominator menace as a heroic Space Ranger or prey on the weak as a professional pirate or smuggler in this expansion of award-winning Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators!


    • Play as a fighter, merchant, mercenary, corsair or pirate with five different races to choose from!
    • Engage in vicious dogfights in space or take to the ground in action-packed real-time strategy robot battles!
    • Sell or smuggle goods throughout the galaxy, prey on unsuspecting merchant ships, or join with other Space Rangers to annihilate the Dominator threat!
    • Upgrade your ship, mine for precious minerals, battle enemies arcade-style in hyperspace, engage in prison cockroach races; the gameplay opportunities are endless!
    • Infinite replay value: a new universe is generated every time the user starts a new game. All new planetary battles, super spaceships, equipment, government missions, and quests with step-by-step tracking!

    Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7

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