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Gardner Bender 171 Piece Holiday Essentials Value Kit Wire Management

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    Everything you need for holiday cord management and organization in one affordable kit! This kit includes our most popular selection of items to achieve an organized and safe holiday season. Inside the handy reusable storage case you'll find 50 each red and green cable ties in both 8 inch and 4 inch lengths, 50 1/2 inch green staples for tacking down cords, 20 green adhesive cable clips and one 30 ft. long x .75 inch wide roll of green electrical tape for a total of 171 pieces. Use these organization tools to bundle light strings and cords together and hold them safely out of the way during the holidays as you direct them where you want them to do. Use the tape to mend frayed cord sections and hold lights together. Keep the holidays safe without tripping over cords and cables during the season and then bundle them up neatly in the new year for easy retrieval and use next holiday.

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